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Your class may be cancelled during the first week of classes. To avoid issues with refunds, please KEEP YOUR RECIEPT, DO NOT ACTIVATE ANY ACCESS CODES, AND DO NOT UNWRAP ANY PLASTIC-WRAPPED BUNDLES until you have met with your instructor and determined that the class will not be cancelled.
Regular Bookstore Return Policy applies to all returns.
Thank you.


Due to the high volume of orders during the first few weeks of the semester, it may take up to 5 business days to process your order.(if the items are available for sale) Please keep in mind, this time frame is an estimate, not a guarantee.

The online bookstore inventory comes from the campus bookstore. If the campus bookstore does not have an item in stock, the online bookstore will not have that item in stock either.
o Please make sure the email address that you signed on with is a legitimate, deliverable email address. PCC Bookstore is not responsible for any "undeliverable" mail (ie: MAILER DAEMON responses).
o The email address you use is the email address we will access to communicate with you for questions or inquiries about your order. If you do not receive your email, check your spam (junk) folder or check the spelling on your email address. The way you typed it is the way it is stored into our memory. PCC Online Service relies heavily on email communication.
o You will be emailed when your order is ready for pickup or if your order has been shipped. WE WILL NOT CALL YOU FOR THESE ANNOUNCEMENTS. YOU WILL BE EMAILED.

Cosmetology Kits, Dental Kits, Nursing 50 packages, Nursing 50 & 52 codes, and News For You subscriptions cannot be processed online. These items need to be purchased in store with a PCC I.D. and Proof of Enrollment.
Bundle packages do not come used. If you select "used", your order will automatically substituted with a used textbook by itself, when available. Otherwise, if you select "used books only", your order for that item will be cancelled.
Codes, eBooks, "looseleaf" textbooks & syllabi are NOT available as used. If you ask us for "used only" and we do not carry that item in used condition, it will be cancelled from your order.
o If your order was cancelled and you still want to order those textbooks, then you will need to re-submit a new order. Remember that your credit card is not charged until your books are available.
o If your item is on backorder, this means that we have not yet received the item and are waiting for the item to arrive in order to complete your order. This does not mean that the item is cancelled from your order. We will fulfill your order once we receive the backordered item. If you no longer want the backordered item, you MUST contact us to cancel the item.
o If your credit card was DECLINED, then your order will be automatically cancelled. We cannot change out credit card information as we do not have access to such private materials. If you are certain that you have money on the card and it was declined, go back and double check the credit card info that was inputted (ie: account # or expiration date).
o The website gives information on both new and used book prices. This does not mean that we have those items in stock. We provide both prices to students strictly for informational purposes and because it is required by law. Just because the price is posted, does not mean we have that item available. We do not have a "real-time" count on our inventory. We are not like
o The substitution option is as follows: "New Books Only", "Used Books Only", "New Books (will accept used)", or "Used Books (will accept new)". You will be expected to choose one of the options before you can complete your order. "New (will accept used)" means that you prefer new books but will accept used books if new books are unavailable. "Used (will accept new)" means that you prefer to buy used books but will accept new books if used books are unavailable. We have these options listed as such in order to be as thorough as possible with your order. Please keep in mind that when you submit an order and are given a monetary total on your print out, this is only a SUBTOTAL. The totals will change depending on the option you choose. Even if you choose New or Used Only options, you are still given a subtotal as taxes or shipping costs have not yet been factored into the final cost. Final costs are emailed to you once the items have been processed.

Orders placed that require shipping may take up to three (3) business days to process and ship. Note: For orders being shipped, the estimated shipping time starts AFTER the order has been processed and picked up by the shipping carrier from our warehouse, not when the order is placed or processed. Keep in mind, this does not include weekends. If you place an order on a Friday after 10a.m., your shipment may not go out until the following Tuesday or Wednesday. We try to process and ship online orders as fast as we can as efficiently as possible. Cosmetology Kits, Dental Kits, Nursing 50 packages, Nursing 50 & 52 codes, and News For You subscriptions will not be shipped. To purchase these items, it must be done in store WITH a PCC I.D. and Proof of Enrollment. Per state law, kits are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
***WE DO NOT SHIP TO P.O. BOXES. Please provide us with a physical address to ship your package.***

Orders placed for Rosemead Pick up will be processed the day is received and will be delivered on Monday or Friday of the first week of school
Order must be placed before 10am for secure delivery. Orders placed after 10am on Friday of the first week of school will not have the option for Rosemead Pick up.
Order can be picked up at the bookstore in the main campus or have it shipped to your address.

Last Day For FAll 2017 Refunds : 9-15-2017

In order to receive a refund you must have already dropped the class & have your receipt.

Orders placed at the beginning of the semester, but not picked up before mid-terms will returned to stock and your account will be credited for the purchase less a 10% restocking fee.

Orders placed after mid-terms, but not picked up by finals will also be returned with a 10% restocking fee.

*refunds must follow policy. Policy can be found here:Refund Policy

Please check here to indicate that you have read and accept the terms of this agreement.

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